Public safety goes beyond simply providing resources to our Police and Fire personnel. It is important to develop and foster strong working relationships with our first responders so they can better understand the needs of our citizens, protect our neighborhoods and reduce crime. Marco is committed to making our neighborhoods safer.

Marco’s solutions include:

  • Increase number of patrol officers and firefighters.
  • Redirect budget dollars to improve emergency response time.
  • Ensure new Police Substations and Fire Stations are built to keep up with the growth.
  • Provide technologically advanced equipment to increase efficiency.



We are on pace to have one million more citizens in 20 years, but we have an aging infrastructure. Maintenance is an ongoing challenge and a line item that increases yearly. Marco knows that we can reduce the time we spend stuck in traffic with targeted improvements and better planning.

Marco’s solutions include:

  • Accelerate traffic signal synchronization in District 9.
  • Develop better planning for expected growth.
  • Increase street maintenance funding to protect our existing investment.
  • Work with other governmental agencies to increase free-road capacity.
  • Development of more District 9 parks while supporting existing parks and green areas.



Marco knows that in the private sector, companies often have to do more with less. Municipal fiscal responsibility means a multifaceted approach of less spending, more saving, lower taxes and the maintenance of our AAA bond rating.

Marco’s solutions include:

  • Balance the city budget and lower taxes to create jobs and growSan Antonio’s economy.
  • Maintain a strong financial rainy-day fund.
  • Cost effective services to citizens through cooperation with other government entities.